Is The Internet Past Due For A "Terrorist" Attack?
99.9% of all the Web sites are wide open for attack. IS YOURS?

  99.9% of all the Web sites on the Internet running under a unique Domain name are wide open to attack by any Terrorist or Extremist Group that chooses to reek havoc on the Internet in order to get it’s point and opinions across to Billions of people.

Imagine logging on to such sites as, or and instead of getting what you expected, you see a message on your computer screen from some Terrorist group telling you about the crimes your government is committing. Not likely, you say? Unfortunately with any fax machine, computer, modem, and internet access, anyone can do it in just a few minutes.

In a few minutes, any group can steal all the Internet traffic from the target site and redirect it to "their" site. In a few minutes, it is their site getting the millions of hits. It is their message being read. Steal a few more sites and you get a billion stolen hits. All in a few minutes.

Yes, any one can do this. Anyone can be an internet "terrorist". It does not take a computer guru, or hacker extraordinaire. Just any person willing to do it. If they're stupid, they will get caught. If they're smart, no one will know for sure who did it. In either case they will be successful, and it can easily take several days at best to undo what they have done.

So, how do you steal a Domain name?

We're not going to tell you. BizNet Online Magazine is about responsible behavior, so to stop someone from doing it just to see if we are right, we feel it is best not to disclose all the details.

The basic steps in stealing a domain are:

1,2,3,4… It is that easy and takes only minutes. The changes will take effect at Midnight. Damage done.

Big deal, it just gets changed back. Not exactly. First, the original and true Domain holder has to start the process to retake the location back.

To take the Domain back, the true holder now has to prove that they did not make the changes. Strange, but true. It will now be harder to move it back than it was to steal it. At the very best this is going to take days to do.

So, is the Internet really wide open to this type of attack? Yes, but it does not have to be.

The original and true holder of the Domain can safeguard their site using password protection when setting up the domain in the first place. So, why all the excitement?

99.9% of the Domains out there are not password protected.

It is just a matter of time before some nutbag, Extremist, Terrorist, or someone that hates a business, attacks the Internet.

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