Todd Hoffman You Need To Read This!

By Mike Lipshultz


I am sure a lot of you have seen that TV show “Gold Rush”.   

Well in a recent show on the “Jungle” version, they showed Todd complaining that he is running a million dollar business and his only way to make a phone call is to use a cell phone that is placed in an upside down water bottle, with the bottom cut off, and mounted on a stick, because that is the only place he can get cell reception.  And if he moves, he will get disconnected!

OK, Todd read this!

You do not have to do it this way!  Let me introduce you to two companies that will easily fix your cell phone issue at very little expense!

Wilson Electronics at

ZBoost at

Both companies make two great products to help you.  They are called Cell Phone Boosters.  Both companies make two basic different versions.  Units that are made to be used in a Vehicle and run off of your 12  volt cigarette lighter.  As like just plug it in and go! And units for the home or office that run off of household electricity.

The big deference between Wilson and ZBoost is Wilson has an even greater product line then ZBoost.

So Todd stop showing the world you do not know what you are doing, and go get a booster from either of the above companies.

Both companies make great units.  In fact after testing units from both companies I would say for the most part the only reason to select one over the other is that the slight deference’s work better for you then the other one.

Oh. What’s that your saying Todd, you need it to work in the middle of a field with no power outlet?  Gee, guy get the 12 volt vehicle unit, a car battery and a solar cell to keep it charged!

Or check the product line out and get one you can set up at base camp to run off the “household” current.  I am sure one or both of these companies can solve any issues you are having!

And for anyone else needing to make that phone call in a bad cell area… Well stop complaining and go shopping.  There is a fix to it!

Be Smarter then Todd!  Unless you like using a water bottle and a stick to make phone calls!

Update January 2014
Well it is a small world, guess who I bumped into?

Yep, you got it, Todd Hoffman!  And we talked about his cell phone issue.  Well he told me he did try a few repeaters and boosters and none worked because of the cellular systems in use in the jungles of Ghana.

Well I don't now for sure the cell system he was on but I am sure there are very limited choices. Either a Analog system or a Digital system, however I will update the two companies mentioned in this article and let you know what I find out!

But I am sure one or both have a unit that would work!

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