What Can I Say? The Ninja Is A Cut Up!

By Mike Lipshultz

I needed to get a new littlie electric chopper slicer dicer thingy after I got the bright idea of using my cheepo unit to chop up meat.

More like to take raw beef and make hamburger out of it.  Well it was not made for that and the smoke that came out of it proved just that!

As I did not plan on using a “new” unit very much I wanted to stay on the low end pricewise.  So off the store I went.

I found myself looking at the bottom of the line Ninja unit made by Euro-Pro Operating LLC.  Yes the same Ninja products you see on those infomercials.

For about $20.00 I decided on the Ninja Express Chop.  I took it home, and tried the exact same thing I did that killed the cheepo unit I had. I cut up some raw beef and put it into the thing.  Wow!  I am sure it was not made for this but I have to tell you I was amazed! It worked great and fast.

Well I was so impressed I returned the unit to the store!  No, not because I wanted to get another makers unit, but because I was so impressed I decided to spend a few more bucks and get the $35.00 Ninja Master Prep.

For about $15.00 more I got two prep containers instead of one, better blades, and a few more extras!

Money very will spent

Well I use It regularly (a few times a month) to grind meat.  Again something I am sure I am not supposed to be doing in it.  But I cut up about a pound, throw it in, and in a few seconds… Bingo fresh ground meat, as lean as I want it, seasoned the way I want it. 

I have even mixed different meats this way.

And as I have the bigger blender “jar”, I do make a smoothie drink here and there, along with snow cone like ice!

So if you need a great economy system, well this is it.  And I am sure a store near you has them in stock, or you can easily get one online.  So stop reading and get shopping!

Just don’t abuse yours the way I do mine, or at least think of spending a few more bucks for the Ninja Master Prep Professional and get the even better motor!.....  But hay, If I do end up killing this off “early” by abusing it, the price makes it very affordable to get another one!  But based on how this thing is taking the abuse… I really think it will last just fine.

If everything from Euro-Pro Operating LLC., is this great then this company makes some killer products, and I look forward to writing about them!

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