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By Sharon Wolfe, QuickBooks Certified Professional Advisor


Intuit will no longer support Versions 5.0, 6.0 or 99, effective April 30, 2002 – (subject to certain exceptions).

WHAT TO DO? Purchase the new Version 2002 and prior to April 2002. The conversion to the new version is a snap.

OR – contact a QuickBooks Professional Advisor such as myself for support.

Intuit will continue to support v4.0 Release M12A for the MAC.

Intuit will support TAX TABLE SERVICE for Versions 6.0 and 99 through 12/31/02.

THEN WHAT? You will need to upgrade to a later supported version of QuickBooks in order to continue to receive payroll tax table updates and paid live support after 12/31/02.

SOME GOOD NEWS… Payroll tax tables will be available again on disk in March 2002, but only for v2002 users.

NEXT MONTH – all the info on 2002 – do we recommend it? YES, which version?…see us next month or email us at Sharon@qbooks.net

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