Just Neck It....
Hello for 12-2001
By: Mike Lipshultz

Just Neck It....

I just got back from Comdex and now I'm getting ready for CES.. So I look forward to doing reviews on a lot of neat stuff.  One of the most exiting companies I talked to was Futurecom ( http://www.futurecomglobal.com/main.htm  ) 

Now if you check out this company’s web site you will have no idea why I'm telling you about them.  Unfortunately their web site looks nice, but tells you nothing. I hope they will rebuild it with more GO and less FLASH.

Anyway, back to the point.  I will be testing several products from them.  The most exciting one is their V-Touch head set for cell phones.  This is a great case of everything old is new again.  This unit uses a pick up on your neck to get your voice.  No microphone, so no background noise.  I really look forward to doing a full review on this unit.  They also make a 2.4 Ghz Wireless earpiece headset that looks like a winner.  I should have a full review for you folks ready for the February issue.

Plantronics says Goodbye to Hello....

Plantronics has had a long-standing relationship with Hello Direct, but due to the impending acquisition of Hello Direct, Inc. by GN Netcom, a competitor of Plantronics, Plantronics has decided to no longer provide products to Hello Direct. So if you’re looking for those great Plantronics products just check out their web site at : http://www.plantronics.com

Talking about great products.  Plantronics has just come out with a new headset.  The DuoPro.  This is what they say about it:

"DuoPro is the most versatile headset ever made, incorporating an industry-first, ergonomically engineered headband design to distribute weight evenly across the head. The unique design eliminates direct pressure on the ear, increasing all-day wearing comfort. The DuoPro is available in over-the-head, over-the-ear and convertible models with noise-canceling microphone. "

So just how good is it?  Well if it's like past products it will live up to the Plantronics name, but I'll be able to tell you for sure very soon.  I'm getting one to play with.  I'm also looking forward to seeing these fine folks in January at CES.  I'll start my updates in a month or so.  See you then.

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