ARCO VS the Other Major Petroleum Producers

Whatís up with the major petroleum producers? Years ago when I was pumping gas for a living (I Was 16) and full service gas station use to wash your windows, check your oil and tires and yes pump your gas, and thatís what I did. One day the station across the street was bought by Atlantic Richfield (Now ARCO) and their gas prices were 10 to 15 cents lower, but it was only self serve, absolutely no extras. The customers that came to our full service station still came for the service.

Now a days you and I know that all of the majors have a person sitting in a glass box collecting money and you get no service. The claim is we accept credit cards and ARCO doesnít and we charge 15 to 20 cents more per gallon for accepting credit cards. Remember to add 22% interest to the gas sale.

What a rip off and how long have they been doing this, lets see I was working at a gas station when I was 16 and now Iím over 39 lets see thatís over 25 years, at a jillion gallons X 10 cents----- well you figure it out, itís a lot of money WHAT A RIP OFF!

Hey major petroleum producers I want my money back. And PS a-holes ARCO is accepting major credit cards now and you still havenít lowered your prices. Sticking it to the consumer is what you do best, but why donít you stick it to more competitively.

By the way gas today at my local ARCO is $1.05 for regular and  right across the street at the Shell station regular is $1.29, and the ARCO has a store.

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