What do you know about MOLD ?
Steven J. Zumerling
In order for microbial growth to exist there are 5 basic element required. Spores, Oxygen, Nutrients, Moisture, and Temperature. Letís look these individually. Spores exist in indoor environments brought in from the simple activities of entering or leaving a building. 

The amount of spore available can be proportional to the availability  outdoors. The Oxygen is exists in the air we breath. So this element is readily found. Nutrients can be as simple as carbon typically dust and dirt contains the required food source. Moisture can range from heavy humidity as found in poorly circulated air in bathrooms to severe flooding from damaged water pipes.

Mold can germinate in as little as 12 hours of water damage .  The temperature will act as  a catalyst to speed or retard mold growth. So, most of the five elements exists in all areas at one point in time or another. It is just the simple act of getting the combination and timing connected.        Molds produce a chemical called Mycotoxins. Mycotoxins cause cause a toxic response in humans if ingested, inhaled, or in contact with the skin. Mycotoxins can affect the immune system, nervous system, liver, kidneys, blood and blood clotting capabilities. Symptoms  associated with exposure to Mycotoxins include dermatitus, recurring cold and flu like symptoms, burning sore throat, headaches, excessive fatigue, and diarrhea. Because these symptoms can also be caused by many other diseases,misdiagnoses of mycotoxins exposure is common.

            Common forms of fungi species are Aspergillus versicolor, Pencillium chrysogenum, Penicillium expansum, Cladosporium, and Stachybotrys chartarum.  Each of these can exist with the other and commonly do. They each require the above mentioned elements to exist, but have their own characteristics. Color, order, mycotoxins, genera species etc. If you see black, brown or green  molds growing along the walls, furniture, or materials associated  with an extreme moisture related event, and before you begin to experience some of the  adverse health affects , contact a trained consultant or environmental engineering firm to eliminate a little problem ,before it becomes a big problem.

Steven J. Zumerling is an Environmental Contractor and one of the owners of  Sky Blue Environmental Inc.

A Full service asbestos, lead, and microbial remediation company. Dedicated to servicing the affiliated construction, renovation, and restoration industry. Providing the highest quality service rendering speed, efficiency, and value. Our specialized services are utilized in commercial, residential, and industrial settings throughout Southern California.

And can be reached at (800) 340-3357

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