Ho, Ho, Ho, Vacuum It!
BizNet Takes
Another Look At The FoodSaver.

A few months back we here at BizNet took a look at the FoodSaver food vacuum sealing system by Tilia.  In that article we talked about how one may fit in at the office.

With the Holidays here it hit us.  We totally missed the obvious usage.  Holiday left over's from the office parties.  Lets face it, we all brake out the Zip Lock bags and send the folks home with left overs.  Now here at BizNet we do it with class.  We Vacuum Seal those left overs, then send the stuff off with the party gores.  Not only does it keep the food better then a Zip Lock bag.  There is no way for one of these bags to accidentally open!

Now the FoodSaver has moved out of the supply room and into the office kitchen and is now an everyday piece of office equipment, just like the office refrigerator.

Talking about the Office Refrigerator, gets pretty gross, doesn't it?  Hay, that's why we now use the FoodSaver.  New kitchen rule.  It gets put into a FoodSaver bag and labeled before it goes into the fridge.  If it's not labeled it goes in the trash.  We put a marker on a string next to the FoodSaver.  Every thing gets dated.  At the 3 week mark, everything gets tossed into the trash, unless the owner redates it.  Now it's great.  No smelly fridge.  Yes, some stuff still gets nasty in 3 weeks but being sealed in the clear bag, there is no smell.  It just looks like a see-through science experiment.

So try this idea in your office and forget about having an office refrigerator that smells worse then the bathroom!

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