Filler Up!
You Know It Works For Your Ink Jet, What About Your Laser Printer?


Lets start with a basic look at the Idea of doing it yourself:

If your like me you pump your own gas at the Self Service Gas Station to avoid paying as much as 30¢ per gallon of gas extra just to have some guy take two minutes to "stick" a nozzle in your gas tank.  Hey, on only ten gallons of gas, that's a $3.00 savings, and gas ain't cheap!  At ten gallons a week, that's $12.00 per month!


Let me ask you, "Do you have a Laser printer?”  If so, why are you paying someone $35.00 to $165.00 just so you don't have to "stick a nozzle" in your printer?


Don't get it?  Can't figure out what I'm talking about?  Lets try this.  When your printer runs out of Toner what do you do?  You go out and buy a new Toner cartridge (at $35.00 to $165.00 bucks a piece or more) and throw out the old one.


Why?  All you have to do is "stick a nozzle" into your cartridge and "Filler up"!  Instead of paying the $35.00 to $165.00 dollars for a new cartridge how about it costing no more then about $15.00 to $50.00 (depending on your original Toner Cartage make and model) to just "filler up".


Still not interested?  Still think it just makes more sense to throw the old one out and get a new one.  Let’s get real! Buying a new Toner cartridge every time the "Tank" is empty is as silly as buying a new car every time you run out of gas!


By now you’re thinking why is this guy so bent on comparing putting gas in a car with putting Toner in a printer?  I think you will understand when I tell you what it was like the first time I ever put gas in a car, and the how most people feel before they refill their first Toner cartridge.


The first time I ever put gas in a car was in the mid 1970's.  In fact I had never even worked a gas pump before this. I was driving an old 1950's car that belonged to a friend of mine.  I pulled up to the gas pump and got out to pump the gas.  I walked to the passenger side of the car.  No gas cap.  I walked around the driver’s side.  No gas cap.  I thought oh! I know.  I tried to pull the rear license plate down.  No, bolted to the car, no gas cap there.  I walked around and around the car.  I could not find the gas cap.  Come on! How hard can it be to put gas in a car! I was feeling like a moron.  I can't even find a gas cap.  I guess the gas station attendant took pity on me or the novelty of watching was wearing off, but he came over to help me.  Without saying a word he walked over to the driver's side rear taillight and pushed something.  Bingo a gas cap.  It was hiding behind the taillight!


Now I was ready to go.  Took the cap off.  Grabbed the nozzle from the pump.  Put the nozzle in and squeezed the handle.  No gas, nothing... Now I'm thinking HOW THE H.... do you pump gas!!!!!


Again the gas station attendant just walked up and flipped the lever on the pump.  Bingo I was pumping my own gas!


I went from trying and feeling like it was impossible to do, to knowing how simple it was.  The only trick was to know were the gas cap was and how to start the pump!  In other words, I needed to know "how exactly do you put gas in a car?"


Now lets look at refilling an Toner cartridge.

Most people think, Oh, I can't do that.  I don't have any idea how you put the Toner in.  Where does it go? What do you use to put it in?"...  Just how do you do this, what do you use?


It's easy. All you need to know is where the filler cap is, and how to put in the Toner.  Get the comparison now?  Once you know how, refilling an cartridge is as easy as putting gas in your car!


So lets get to it!


I located a company on the web called  They make and distribute one of the best Kits I have ever seen for doing a Toner Refill yourself.  Best?  Yes, look anyone can sell good quality Toner (and some sell really bad Toner), but this company not only gives you great Toner, but everything you need to do it yourself (when you also get there "Tool" kit).  I'm not talking about just the Toner and great instructions.  These folks give you everything!  Including the News Paper to put down on the work surface.


I have to say I was REALLY impressed by this company.  The instructions are not only very short and easy to follow, but cover everything in detail.  I believe that if you can tie your own shoes, you can use this kit.  If you can't tie your own shoes, then for god's sakes, don't try this.  In other words if you can understand not to eat the toner, or do other really dumb things (that they even tell you not to do) you can easily do use this Toner kit to refill your cartages in less time then you spent reading this article.


With the optional tool kit you have everything you will need to do the job.  They even include a flashlight just incase you need one!


They also warn you not to completely fill your cartage.  Why?  Not because it will do any damage, but because you don't need to and it's smart not to.  If your cartage fails for some other reason you don't lose all your toner.  If you run low on toner it only takes one to two minutes to ad more toner and be up and running again.


So, stop reading and check this company out at :


If your current Toner Cartridge is malfunctioning for other reasons, so you can't use it for refilling, these folks can even sell you an empty at a great price!


I wanted to give this product the A-OK Award because it works just the way it said, I also wanted to give it the On-Target Award because this product is right on target, but it also makes your company look like a Winner, so does it get the:

A-OK Award or the On Target Award or The Winner Award?


Nope! We gave it the WOW Award!

The WOW award came as somewhat of a shock (To Us) because we took a look at a couple of products a few years ago and said “WOW” what a product. This is the coolest thing we had ever seen, one day everyone will have this product! And this has come to pass for many of the products that we have given the WOW award to. The product that gets the WOW award is a total of all of the awards above, A-OK: works right out of the box; ON TARGET: Just what the consumer needs, and is a total WINNER!


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