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MAG LapTop Test

Or Do I Have To Give It Back?

How do you test a LapTop Computer? Most magazines plug it in, run some apps, check performance speed and write it up.

But Hey! This is BizNet Online Magazine. The only thing that matters here is "Does It Work"? No I'm not talking about did it boot up when turned on, I'm talking "Did It Work", as in did it go to the office day in and day out. Did it work at the client's office, did it work in the car, and did it work in the hotel room and at the trade show? Could I get stuff done on it, lots of stuff! Come on, does this thing work!

In the case of the MAG Verity VL Series with a Moble Petntium 233 and 64MB RAM I can say this thing works, and works, and works. I (Mike "The Crasher" Lipshultz) put this unit to the test. I had possession of this unit for several months. It came with almost no software on it. Just the way I like to start. So I loaded it up with all types of stuff. The ever needed office suite, Mapping and Global Satellite Positioning Software, Lots of Web stuff, Publishing stuff, and just to try to push this thing over the edge, Dragon Dictate (Professional Edition). I force-fed everything a business user could use on this machine.

I used it in the car with a GPS unit. It worked great. I used it at clients with PowerPoint. It worked great. I hooked it not only to a phone, but to a Cell phone. I faxed and surfed the net. It worked. You know how long it's been since I used a computer that did not lock up? I even took it to the office and turned off the three computers I usually use (so I can do lots at once) and made this MAG laptop do all the work. Not for a day, not for a week, but a full month, of hard 12 hour a day usage as a multitasking desktop system. It worked.

Now before you think that 'Mike (The Crasher) Lipshultz" has lost his touch, the video card went out. I called regular tech support, not some "treat them special" PR line. I got a real live person in less than 3 minutes. He very quickly diagnosed the trouble in about 2 minutes and even offered an apology that it was not fixable over the phone. I was given a return authorization number to ship the unit back with the promise of a return unit in about a 4 to 6 day turn around. So did I get it back fast? You bet. But I must admit I called MAG back before I shipped it. I was going to be near them. So could I just walk it in? The answer was yes. I did and they put the old drive into the new unit. Up and running in just minutes.

I can honesty say that if I had purchased this unit I would be delighted with it and the company.

So does this thing work? You bet it does.

So what else can I say? It's a really nice unit that works day in and day out in real life use. Its hard drive, memory, and CPU are easy to upgrade. The Floppy drive and CD drive are built in so you always have them with you (forget that drive just one time and you will know what I mean).

So, if you're looking for a good laptop, check out the whole line at:

The bad news is that I have to give it back. It's hard to say goodbye to a co-worker that never let you down.

The good news is I think MAG is going to let me get my hands on more of the product line, so look for more reviews on the MAG lineup. Boy, I really like stuff that works. In the same time I had this LapTop, I "Smoked" three from the competition.

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