LCD Equals Double Green
have you heard of the hot new LCD screens for your DeskTop?

With the price of LCD Monitors Dropping, We Thought We Should Re Run This Article 

LCD Equals Double Green

Let me ask you, have you heard of the hot new LCD screens for your DeskTop? Well, if you've read about them, you want one. What's not to like? No more glare. No more eye strain! You can pick one up and move it without killing your back. Best of all, you get back a really large part of your desk. Yes! You can finally get more desk space. The good new is prices have been coming down in the last few months. As you read this, the BizNet Crew will be at Comdex looking for the hot news and hot buys on the newest LCD. But until then, here is something to think about.

That desk hogging CRT Screen on your desk is hogging more than just your desk. If you compare it to the New LCD screens, even the most energy efficient CRT is an energy hog.

Now as you read this article place your hand on top of the CRT Screen on your desk. Move your hand over to the vent holes. CRT's Screens are pretty hot stuff!

So, let's see, CRT's cost more to run, and put out more heat. More heat means you're going to have to cool the room (think about an office full of CRT Screens. That heat builds up and does matter). Running the air conditioner cost big bucks. So...

If you switch over to an LCD you're being green in two ways. You're saving electricity on both the A/C and the LCD. See, it can be fun to be green, so think green and look into switching over to an LCD.

As for the cost, look for upcoming stories on the new hot buy's, and don't forget to factor the savings on electricity into the cost factor of purchasing that new screen.

Oh, and talking about desk space and getting those hot old CRT's off the desk, UPS (the delivery guys, not the power supply), just delivered a box from Dan The Cable Man with Electro Products, Inc. Among other thing they make switch boxes. So now I'm going to finish this article, open the box, and use the switch Dan sent to run four PC's from one monitor (keyboard, mouse etc.) and get back some desk space, and turn of some CRT's. Look for the full review January '99, or check out Dan's stuff at

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