With This System You Will Never Miss That Call
Hello for 10-98
By: Mike Lipshultz

Last month we talked about the Satellite Phone System from Motorola. A system so big it has it’s own area or country code. Now that’s a big system. If your looking for a great way to stay in touch and be reachable by phone, fax, or E-Mail, but wish to do it in a small way (as in size) then this months Hello has just the thing for you.

This month we take a first look at a new pager developed by RIM (Research In Motion http://www.rim.net/pager ) and marketed by Bell South ( http://www.bellsouth.com ). The Inter@ctive Pager 950.

This full display pager is only 3.95 oz., and measures 3.5x2.5x0.93 inches. That’s the size of most older Alphanumeric pagers. This pager makes an Alphanumeric only pager look like a dinosaur. The 950 not only has a selectable 6 or 8 line display but also has a full PC style keypad. Why the keypad? So you can send out Faxes, E-Mail, typed messages that the system deliverers by automated voice (to any phone) and pager to pager messages. All this on one AA battery and it transmits at up to 2 watts! One battery will last about three weeks. So all this sounds nice but how does it work. From what I can tell, extremely easily. I have not had time to do anything with this pager other then turn it on and push a few buttons. But in the five minuites I was "playing" with it I figured out how to send myself an E-Mail and a fax (the fax arrived in about 30 seconds). So this is an easy to use pager. This month BizNet Online Magazine will be testing two of these pagers so in December look for the full review of how this pager works in real life. We will be testing them at Comdex. This is my favorite place to take anything that sends or receives radio signals as not only is Las Vegas a place with a high level of interference, there is nothing like a hug steel building crammed full of prototype computers to mess-up any thing working on radio waves. So see you in December.

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