"Get Shot... Or You’ll Wish You Had Been"
Yes folks, it’s that dreaded time again. FLU SEASON!!

The flu takes more then just a toll on people. It can really mess up a business. Last year here in Los Angeles, California, every person I know that got the flu was out of it for a week. That’s a lot of time for a lot of people to lose from work. Even in a large office you can look forward to a great loss in productivity as the flu makes the rounds.

If you think losing time from your work and the financial loss that goes with it is a bummer, you haven’t felt anything yet. Just imagine how you will feel for that week.


The year before last, the flu kicked my butt. Last year I got a flu shot. When the flu made its rounds I did not get it. Lots of friends and business associates did. I know, I was repeatedly exposed to it. So this year I’m getting another shot. Now, just so you know…if I’m willing to get a Flu shot everyone should be. You see, we all have our little phobias. Mine is needles. I hate just thinking about a shot. Makes my skin crawl (writing this article bugs me). Last year I got my shot from an off duty harpoonist and I had the bruise to prove it. My arm felt like the vaccine was pounded into it. But the effects of the flu are so bad, that I was glad I got the shot. I’m doing it again this year. So if I can get shot, so can you.

Remember that if you get the flu, you will wish someone would just shoot you. It’s no fun. So get shot first.

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