Stop Getting Hosed!

It's Time To Bring Back The Great Gas Protest Of 2001!

By Mike (I'm Taking The Bus) Lipshultz

We first said it in 2001 in this article (, and it is even more true today.  We need a gas protest that will work, and the BizNet OnLine Magazine's Great Gas Protest, is one that can work.  But first lets look at why gas prices are so high!

Why are gas prices so high?  Look we are based in a small town in Arizona.  At the time of this article, gas in this town is 25 cents more then in Los Angeles California, and Southern California is considered one of the most expensive gas markets.  And lets not forget that California has about 50 cents more tax per gallon then Arizona does, and the list goes on.  So why is gas so expensive.  For the most part the answer is "BECAUSE"!

What do you mean "BECAUSE"!.  Simply put there are no laws against it, and the gas companies know we can not simply stop buying gas., That we must still find ways of getting that gas we need to run our lives.

So, lets fight back.  This gas protest was designed to work, by still letting the consumer buy gas, while still hitting the gas companies where it hurts.  In the wallet.  Ready????  Here it is:

BizNet OnLine Magazine's Great Gas Protest!

Lets Fight Back!

By now you’re ready to believe that we are getting hosed. If not do some more research, and then come on back. If you’re ready now to do something to stop this rip off, then read on..

Could you imagine what would happen to one of those gas companies if for a full month, their income fell to Nothing, Zip, Nada, A Big Zero?

Here is the deal, don't do any business for a full month, with one particular brand, and then move on to the next brand and so on.  Unless the big gas companies want to see their stations put on a permanent boycott, they had better wake up.

This idea is very workable.  It just needs the right timing.  We need time to get the word out, and a schedule to go on.

Get the word out!

Send a copy of this article to every person you know.

A time table.

First strike, January 1, 2006!

This gives us the time to alert everyone.

Starting on January 1st, we boycott the first gas company:

Arco and BP  (BP petroleum) For the full month of June don't go into any Arco or BP Stations.  Not even for food.  Let the place grow cobwebs.

Then in February we move on to the next company, Chevron!

See the pattern.  Every month, we move to the next company.  We just go in alphabetical order.  One by one, every company gets hit.

If this does not work, we just change the rules.  Instead of one month we go 6 months.

Think about it.  If we show that everyone in the United States can pull together, and stay out of the "station of the month", for the full month, the big oil companies will know we can go 6 months.

The big oil companies know we can't go with out gas.  What we need to show them is we can go without their brand of gas.  Hose us on the price, and your competition gets our business.  If all the gas companies band together, we band together, and one by one, stop doing business with them.  After they see that for them to band together one or more of them is going to go under, they will start

to realize that the American Public can still make their wishes heard with their purchasing dollars!

So get the word out.  Starting January 1, 2006, Arco and BP gas stations become ghost towns for 30 days!

Remember, this country was founded by protest.  Think of this as a modern and legal "Boston Tea Party"

To help make your gas go farther please see our related article on "Squeezing The Mileage Out Of That Gallon Of Gas".

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