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Itís A UFO!
No, Itís SOS Turbo Flare!
O.K., so just what is a SOS Turbo Flare?

The Turbo Flare is a really neat new safety item.  As you can see it looks a lot like a toy UFO. But in reality it is a safety-warning device, to be used in place of a road flare.  Anytime or place that you would use a Road Flare, is where you would use a Turbo Flare.

Like when you need to alert other motorists to things like:

The folks that make the Turbo Flare really made this thing to do the job.  In fact more and more law enforcement and public safety agencies are switching over to them.  In addition to saving money in the long run, the units are more environmentally friendly, and just plain safer.  No more accidental burns or fires.

The unit is so safe that you could let a baby play with it.

Getting back to how good of a job was done designing and making this unit.  It is very durable.  It is not some cheap plastic toy.  In fact it is made to come out unscathed after being run over by a truck.  The unit works by just hitting the on switch.  Then the little, but very bright, LEDís start to come on.  They run in a circle around the unit.  It is extremely attention-getting.  In fact we have used the one we have at trade shows just to get attention.

The unit runs on batteries.  What size?  Who cares!  If you have a battery, this thing will take it (almost).  It can use any of the following AAA, AA, C, D, or 9 volt, batteries. Pretty darn handy, and clever.  Makes finding batteries real easy.  The company also makes a unit that comes in a special holder that connects to a vehicleís electrical system.  When the Turbo Flares are in it, the unit recharges the batteries; they are always ready to go.  To be honest, unless youíre a law enforcement officer, or a tow tuck driver, you will not need the ones that recharge.  The one we are using has AA batteries in it.  We have had it running for over 50 hours.  And thatís just on AA batteries.  Remember you can also put D cell batteries into the unit.

Check out the SOS Turbo Flare at:

In short, if you have a car, you should have at least one Turbo Flare in it.  Or truck, or RV, or even a boat.  This unit is one of the best most durable emergency warning/signaling devices I have ever seen.  BizNet OnLine Magazine gives this unit the WOW Award, because itís like WOW.

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