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Another “Weird” Thingy You Need
Got Ink?

Do you do your own Ink cartridge refilling?  Then have we found a little “gizmo” for you.  It’s a “clip” like device that holds your used Ink Jet cartridge for you.  It covers the bottom holes or print head (depending on the cartridge you use), and makes it so the cartridge will stand up on it’s own, and not leak out the bottom.

You can also use this clip to hold an extra refilled cartridge till you need it.  It’s a simple device that simply makes life a little easier.

Other than telling you about it, there is not much to say.  You simply put the Ink Cartridge in it, and it holds it.  Finally, something really easy to use.

You can look for one on-line or at your local computer show.  A lot of the folks selling refill kits carry them.  Or you can get it where I did at:

So, check it out and make your life easier.

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