Micro Times Is Dead…..
Long Live The Corporate Spread Sheet!

If you have not heard, Micro Times is dead.  No it was not another failing dot com.  In fact after 18 years in business it was still making a profit, Just not a big enough one for its corporate parents.

So, to keep Wall Street happy and its stock up, the decision was made to get rid of some of those “marginal” operations.

OK, so investment wise this works.  The money that was going into Micro Times now looks better on the corporate spreadsheet.  So those Wall Street guys are happy.  The corporate stock goes up, and everyone is happy.

Except folks like us, who believes that just to make the corporate books look better, an 18-year-old publication was shut down, not for losing money, but for not making enough.

I think this sucks.  I hope you think it sucks.  If so, send an E-Mail to the big boss and tell him to leave Micro Times alone:

Robert C. Metz, President and CEO of HPC Publication


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