Comdex Is Coming, Comdex Is Coming!
What Company Is Going To Be Gone Before The End Of The Show?

If you have looked in your wallet lately you know times are tuff.  So this years Comdex should be interesting.  Not only to see who is not there, but what companies disappear after.

After, yeah.  Last year at Comdex BizNet met with two large companies.  One in the software business, the other an ISP.  We were working on some joint-marketing things…. When in the middle of the negotiations… Both companies shut down.

At CES at the beginning of this year, we saw a lot of really neat products.  Even gave them some awards.  Now the products never made it to market, or are gone.  Why? Because those companies also are gone.

So, with Dot Com’s falling like rocks, Comdex looks to be very interesting from the point of view of just who is still around.

Like Polaroid.  Last year they were showing off their new digital cameras.  Now they’re filing for bankruptcy.

I would normally use the “Party Scene” as a barometer, but that’s not easy this year.   Yes there are a lot less parties going on this year at Comdex, but it’s not just the economy at play.  It’s also part of the fall-out from September 11th.

At any rate, the BizNet crew will be walking the Comdex floor.  Hitting the parties and private shows, and we will let you know what we find.

In the technology front I expect some neat things with DVD, LCDs, and Printers.  Like bigger, better, faster, and cheaper.  All good news for the consumer.

I’ll also be looking for more in the way of “wireless internet access”.  There really is a need for remote fast access to the Internet on a lap top computer.  But so far, most players in that game have lost.

So, til next month, I’ll talk to you later, and hold on to them wallets.

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