Congratulations! You Have Beaten The Odds Of Dying From Anthrax!

If You Made It Into Work This Morning,

Congratulations! You Have Beaten The Odds Of Dying From Anthrax!

Anthrax… Now there is a scary word.  Damn deadly stuff.  But then again so is an infection from a cut on your finger. So lets put things in their proper perspective.  Even with whoever the wacko is that is behind this Anthrax poisoning, the simple truth is……

It’s easy to detect.  It’s easy to treat, and it’s hard to spread.

Worst-case scenario is a whole lot of folks get it.  Big deal.  We all get it.  We get sick.  We see a doctor.  We get some meds.  We get better.  Don’t go “hoarding” antibiotics.  No need to.  Again.  Even if everybody starts to get it, we have the supplies to take care of it.

Now back to real life.  If in fact you’re so worried about getting it that you’re blinding yourself to other things, think about this.  You’re more likely to get this year’s flu, and die from it, then you are to get Anthrax.

For gosh sakes, more folks die from Shark attacks, or dog attacks, or lighting strikes, or bee stings.  In fact you were astronomically more likely to have been killed driving into work today, than of getting Anthrax.  So, forget about it!  Don’t worry.  Don’t go nuts.  The only thing you have to “go” to, is to the doctor if you’re feeling sick.  And you should do that anyway.

Now for all of you folks that just can’t get enough about this Anthrax stuff here are some sites to check out.

The Washington Post, you will get the facts here:

The CDC (Center For Disease Control) another place to get the Facts:

What's the diifference?  WebMD's site can explain the different types of Anthrax for you:

But can we be saved?  Relax; check out the supply of antidotes available at:

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