It's There For A Reason.  Use It And Use It Often

Or What Is that Thing Called "Windows Update"

If you’re using Microsoft Window 95 or newer, you should not only know about this “Start Up Choice” but use it on a regular basis.


What’s a startup choice???  Let’s just go with a picture is worth a thousand words approach.

Does this look familiar?

Look at the top.

See that thing called
"Windows Update"?

Good, because you should be using it!



Anyone using "Windows" must update it from time to time.  You can do it two ways.  Update off the Internet, or wait for Microsoft to put out a "New" release for you to buy.


Now, buying the latest edition of Windows is not really a bad thing to do.  However, updates come along a lot more often than "New Editions" to buy.


So, the smart thing to do is to update the one you’re using.  Please do it at least once a month.  Personally I hit the "Windows Update" about every two weeks.  Sometimes, the system tells me there is nothing new.  Other times Bingo.  An update I need.


The "system”. The difference between updating Windows by just going to Microsoft's Web Site and looking for updates, and letting the system do it, is the difference between doing it hard and wrong, and right and easy.  Personally I like the right and easy way.

Just click on the Windows Update (you do need to be connected to the Internet).  The system does just about everything else.  Oops, almost forgot.  If you’re using a virus protection program you should turn it off or disable it.  You can reactivate it after you’re through.


You will see yourself connecting to the Internet.  Then to Microsoft's update site. 

You will see a web page that has a part that looks like this example.

Just click on the "Product Updates"

You then see a screen like this

You then see a page that looks like this.  It will show you all the updates that are available.

The ones to pay attention to are the "Critical Updates".

I recommend you download those.

The others are up to you.  They are not "critical"

To update your system just click on the update you want, and then click on the gray "Download" button.

Then just follow the directions.  It really is easy.

Congratulations!  You are discovering how easy it is to keep your "Operating System" up to date.

BizNet gives Microsoft the A-O.K. Award for making Windows easy to update.

The A-O.K. Award is awarded to products or services that are just that: A- O.K.. So, what makes them A-O.K.? Easy they just simply have to do exactly what they claim to do, and be easy to use! Now if your thinking, come on, anything can win an A-O.K., award, then think again. When was the last time you paid good money only to find out the damn thing won’t do what it claimed, or you had to spend six days on the phone with tech support to get it to work. Makes you want to kill someone! So, it really is nice when you pay your money and you get an A-O.K. product!

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