Strange But True!!! So, Look At That Guy Again!

Can you imagine eating at a restaurant only to find out later that the busboy had been featured on America's Most Wanted!


Now, imagine telling your friends about it, and they tell you the same thing.  The guy was a busboy at another restraint that they just ate at!


Not strange enough for you?  Try this. It's all true, only stranger!  The guy eating at the first restaurant was John Walsh the Host of America's most wanted.  The other people were the two cops that arrested the guy!


Get this. A guy wanted by the police is featured on America's Most Wanted.  Some folks at the shelter this guy is staying at recognize him and call the cops.  Two cops come out and bust the guy.  So, what's so strange about that?  It turns out the fugitive works at two restaurants as a busboy; one where John Walsh had been at just the day before.  The other one was the restaurant the two cops that busted the guy had eaten at just that day.  On top of that, those same two cops participated in the video highlighting this guy!


Big deal, the world is a strange place with lots of coincidences.


Hey, it is a big deal when the guy clearing your table is a murderer!


So, open your eyes!  Look at the people around you.  Check out the web sites of America's Most Wanted and the Center For Missing And Exploited Children.  Look at some of those faces.  Hey, print it out.  Then just be aware of the people aground you,


You never know.  You could find a missing child.  You could help put a killer back in jail.  I can tell you this.  If that murdered person was a family member, or that child belonged to a friend, you would be looking, and looking hard.


Don't think this matters to you?  Hey maybe the guy that cleans your pool is one of those wanted guys.  Maybe he'll kill you next, or just take your kid.


There is a reason I like the saying "Just because you’re paranoid doesn't mean the world is not out to get you".  It pays to have your eyes open. So, hit the links below and check out a face or two.

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