The Amazing Confessions Of An Ex-Netscape User!
A dark past to hide from the Microsoft Internet Explorer Crowd.

O.K. I admit it, I am an ex-Netscape user.  Depending how you look at it.  I'm either a traitor to the Netscape crowd, or have a dark past to hide from the Microsoft Internet Explorer Crowd.


What's even worse is at the end of this article I'm giving an award to Microsoft!


The last time I regularly used Netscape was version 4.7 (it is now in version 4.76).  I had been a regular Netscape user from the days of version 2.0.  I always loved Netscape and would not touch Internet Explorer if I could avoid it.  Anytime those "crazy" Internet Explorer users would get on my case to switch over, they always got a resounding NO!


So, what was it that made me jump ship?  Simple: Junk Mail.


I get tons of it.  Internet Explorer when used with Outlook Express simply does a great job of handling junk mail.  And it does it much easier than Netscape.  Look, I'm not really knocking Netscape.  It has ways of "filtering" junk mail, and it's not hard to use.  It's just that Microsoft made it easier to use the filters in their product.


When it comes to the average Internet user, the easier the better.  Even the slightest difference can mean the difference between it being used or not.


When it comes to using filters to get rid of junk mail the mix of Internet Explorer and Outlook Express is hard to beat.


Next time you get the annoying piece of junk mail (when using Outlook Express) just highlight that junk mail, then you have two choices. You can:

Block the sender


Set up a mail rule to delete that junk mail.


Now to just block the sender:

Highlight the junk mail message.

Then put your mouse to the top of the screen.  Go over to  "Messages" (5th choice from the left), click on it.

Go down 9 places to the "Block Sender", click on it.  Then click on the "yes" that pops up.

Bingo! You just blocked mail from that sender and deleted all the other mail that party sent to you.


Oops....  Blocked the wrong address.  It's easy to unblock it:

Just put your mouse to the top of the screen.  Go over to  "Tools" (4th choice from the left), click on it. Go down 5 places to the "Message Rules", move over and down to the 3rd choice "Block Sender List" click on it.  Then highlight the address you put in by mistake and then click on the Remove button.  Bingo! You can get mail from them again.


Now, "Blocking" is great if you are getting mail that is being sent from the same address all the time, and you never, never, never want to get mail from them again.


If you are being spammed from different addresses, then you should use the "Create Rule From Message" instead of "Block Sender".


To use the "Create Rule From Message" option just do the following:

So, give it a shot.  To remove a mail rule just:

For being easy to use, we here at BizNet give Microsoft Outlook Express the “Winner Award”.

The Winner Award is given to products or services, that are just that, Winners! So, what makes a product a Winner? Lots of things. It can be as simple as making you or your business look like a Winner or as complicated as being so new and innovative that it solves long standing problems. A Winner can even be an old problem solver, or a basic product that has been around for some time but is now being offered at such a super price that it can now be a Winner for even the Guy or Gal on a budget.

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