See The Light

I'm sorry I did not see you.  Not a big deal unless your life depends on it.  O.K. How do you get killed from someone not seeing you?

Easy, you’re changing a tire on the side of the road.  Car comes by, Splat!

Need more examples?  Just think of anytime you may need a flashlight.  Now think of all the times you needed a really bright flashlight.  What about one with good batteries in it instead of dead ones.

Nothing is more aggravating then dead or weak batteries.  So, it's always smart to have a "flashlight" with rechargeable batteries.  It's even nicer to have one in your car.

But when it comes to a rechargeable "flashlight" in your car, there is one drawback.  A big one.  Your car uses a 12-volt system.  Most "flashlights" use anywhere from 3 volts to a maximum of 6 volts.  A 6-volt "flashlight” would run off of 4 "C", or "D" batteries, or one of those big lantern batteries.

Some rechargeable "flashlights" or "spotlights" have a built in rechargeable battery.  This is usually a sealed lead acid battery.  Not a bad battery at all.  No charge memory like ni-cads.  Good for lots and lots of recharges.  Can be recharged after a little or a lot of usage.  But they are 6 volts, and when it comes to your car, that's not a good thing.

To run off your car's battery the voltage has to be changed from 12 volts down to 6 volts.  This is easily done with a small built-in transformer.  Yes, this then gives you the 6 volts you need to charge the unit, but it will not give you enough power to run the unit plugged into your car.

So, you have to run those 6 volts units unplugged, powered only by the batteries.  This gives you the rated time of usage, and then it's useless until it is recharged.  Recharging can take anywhere from 2 hours to 16 hours.  But when you need that light you need it!  Darkness does not care if the batteries are charged or not.

Also with a 6-volt unit, you can't keep them plugged in all the time.  The units "overload" the battery if left charging for to long, and they kill the battery, so you really can't leave the unit plugged in for more then 16 hours at most.  Nothing like waking up at 3:00am to unplug the thing!

Now there are some "specialized" units that run on less voltage then 12 volts and can be left plugged in all the time.  For example, MagLight makes a nice unit for security and law enforcement.  It will cost you upwards of $100.00.

So, what are to do if your looking for a bright rechargeable light you can not only keep in your car (boat, RV, etc.) but keep it plugged in all the time, run it off the car battery, or unplug it and take it with you, but you’re not looking to spend $100.00?

Try a company called Vector Manufacturing, out of Hollywood, Florida.  Vector makes a great rechargeable 12-volt spotlight that puts out an incredible 2 Million-Candle Power!  You can run it off your car battery.  You can keep it plugged in all the time.  Or you can unplug it, and use it off the batteries for about 20 Minutes.  And that's 20 minutes of 2 Million Candle Power Light!

The unit comes with every thing you need…  one 12-volt rechargeable battery and a car charger.  A home charger, and the light itself.  The unit is made of plastic.  It comes in black or a white and blue "Marine" style.  The fit and finish is acceptable.  Now for the real kicker.  This thing has a street price of under $40.00!!!!

So, if you want to buy one just do an Internet search for Vector Manufacturing to find a company or two that sells their products.

You can also check at your neighborhood stores to see if they carry the products.

If you can't find anyone don't worry we found someone for you.  Remember we only found this company on the Net.  We don't know anything about them, so we do not endorse them.

Want to make some money and sell this unit to your customers.  Then call Vector at 954-923-1155 to find out about carrying their product line.

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