The Best Party To Be At!

Or, Forget That $1.00 Buffet, Have A Really Good Time At Comdex And Feel Good About It.

Hey, looking for a good time in Vegas for Comdex?  Got 50 bucks?  Want to feel really good?

Sounds like I'm a hooker (not that I would know about such things)!  The truth is, I am trying to hook you.  Hook you into letting go of $50.00 and having a good time and feeling good about it.  One of the best parties, if not the most fun party at Comdex is going to be HP's ChiliFest (the continuation of the Chili Cook Off).  Anyone with $50.00 can get a ticket to it.  No connections needed.  No bribery.  No selling your soul to get into a party.  Just $50.00 bucks!

And you will feel good.  The $50.00 goes to The Center For Missing And Exploited Children. 

O.K., you’ve only got $10.00? Then skip the Chili and just donate to the Center.  You don't have to be a big buck sponsor to help.  Any donation is welcomed.  But just in case you do have some big bucks... Give them bucks to the Center.  The child they save could be one you know.

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