With This System You Will Never Miss That Call
Hello for 10-98
By: Mike Lipshultz

One subject that BizNet Online has never talked about in this column has been Satellite Phones. The reason was not the fact that they tend to be the size of a Brief Case, or that air time is measured in DOLLARS per minute; but, when these things are put together, almost no one is interested in the service unless they are going to need a phone in the middle of nowhere.

The best thing about technology, as Life, it is always changing. Now we have Iridium to talk about. No, it is not a new gas additive, but a new satellite phone service. This system was designed and developed by the folks over at Motorola: http://www.mot.com/GSS/SSTG/projects/iridium/index.html.

If you're interested in all the information on the system check out the above link. If you're like me and are hot for information on getting your hands on a phone then surf on over to: http://www.iridium.com/. In ether case it should be mentioned that this is a complete satellite communication system. Not just phone service, but paging as well.

Now personally, I have no need for a satellite phone, or at least not the need one would think of. Most people think satellite phones are for the globe trotting, go anywhere kind of person. Myself, I tend to stay put in the greater Los Angeles area. Yes, Los Angeles is a jungle, but it has cell phone service. Lots of cell phone service. I know, I have played with all of them. They all have one thing in common. Spots of no coverage. So, I would love a satellite phone. Coverage everywhere, but as cell phone airtime is just getting truly affordable (if not reasonable) I’m not looking forward to the current cost of satellite air time.

At this time pricing information is still not readily available on this system. I expect it to be no more then $1.00 per minute, with the price dropping in the future. At this time the official start date for service is November, 1998.

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