Isn’t That Special!
How To Let That Special Customer Feel Special.
By Mike Lipshultz

If you have been on this earth for any time you have gotten a “Thank You” gift from someone that, well… left you feeling not so special.  So you know it can be hard to find that special gift for a great client or just one that put a lot of money in your pocket.

One thing that  screams bad gift is one that shows no thought was put into it, or one that is completely off base or insulting, no matter how much you spent!  Like giving a wine of the month club gift to a client that does not drink.

So get to know your client!  And remember the more you know your client, the better the relationship, and the better the relationship, the more business you will do with them. Well the reality of the mater is if you know a little about the person your giving the gift to, then finding a really special gift for them is not as hard as you may think. If they are a “new” client and you have not gotten to know them yet, then chat up their sectary or assistant.  Make sure to send a small thank you to them for helping you. For example you have a person that is fond of the written word, and “likes” to take written notes.  Well then the right gift for them comes from Parker Pen Company .

With fine pens ranging in price from only $20.00 to thousands of dollars there has to be one in the right piece rang for your client ( but we recommend starting with ones at least in the $100.00 range or higher).  Now for those not familiar with Parker Pens, their finer pins are a work of art, and will not only last a life time, but with basic care they will outlive their first owner.  Just because they start at $20.00 don’t take that as a suggestion that that is the price you start with.  A person that appreciates a “fine writing instrument” is not going to see a $20.00 Pen, as a special thank you.  One should start with at least a $100.00 beget.  Having played with some of the finer pens from Parker, they are in fact a lifetime cherished gift.  This is a gift to give the client that has made you a lot of money, and you want that client to think of you every time they sign their name.  And the higher up the line you go, the more of an impression you will make.

So, how do you know of the above is right for your client (no pun intended)?  Easy, again, get to know them. Listen to them when they talk.  If you visited their office look at the pictures on their desk or around their office and ask about them.  Look at their car, any Bumper Sticker on it?  Like, “I Love Mickey Mouse”, or “I Love NASCAR”?

Lets say in their office (or cubical) they have pictures of their family.  Or of a trip they took to a winery, or they have a NASCAR poster up.  Get the idea?  Ask them about the pictures.

If they are into NASCAR depending on the price range you have in mind, you can give them locale race tickets or some memorabilia from their favorite driver.

If they have a family, then look for “family” thing for them.  Lets say they live in Southern California.  Then just Google Family activates and Southern California.  Boy are their lots to chose from!  Thing that you would expect like Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure, Or Knott’s Berry Farm, Or Sea World.  But you will see some lesser known family fun things to.  Like Dinner Adventures.  Dinner Adventures?  Yes! Like Pirates Dinner Adventure in Buna Park , or Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament .  But again you need to get to know your client.  I would not give this to a client in his 60’s to take his “kids” to, but I would give it to him to take his grand kids to.  And every time his Grand Kids talk about it, your client will think about you!  And let me tell you, kids talk about the FUN things they have done!


I hope you are starting to get the idea.  So, get to know your client and make that gift a lasting impression! One that will give you business for years to come.  It is an investment in your business so treat it as one!

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