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BizNet Takes A Look At A Company That Believes Customer Service Starts With The Products You Sell!
Fantasea, Getting It Right From The Get Go.


The second company we are going to look at is Fantasea, this company mainly sells water proof housings for digital cameras.  Now this company not only sells the units, but they design them, and have them manufactured for them.  Check them out at http://www.fantasea.com.

A while back they were looking at expanding their product line by selling a computerized dive watch for around $100.00.  But the closer they got to marketing the unit, and analyzing their prototypes and pre-production models, they found themselves feeling that this unit was just not going to be right for “their” customers.  Just not enough for the money, and they felt uneasy about the product.  So even after investing in getting this unit almost 100% ready for production, they walked away from the product and the investment they had in it.

Why?  Because this company sets a very high standard for the quality and reliability on the products they offer.

By putting such standards on their products they know that their customers will be getting a great value for their money and have confidence in the complete product line.  They know that great products equal great customer satisfaction.  After all, if your customers are impressed by the quality of what their money bought, then they will help promote your company.

The two main players of this company, Howard, and Frank have a lot of experience and expertise behind what they sell. Howard has years and years in product inventing, manufacturing, and distributing.  Frank has a great background in high end camera marketing and development (can you say Nikon).  They understand their market (customers) and strive to truly deliver what they claim.

I will ad that I have yet to meet either of these gentlemen in person, but have had many phone and email conversations with them over the years.  Starting about 3 years ago.  I have hopes of meeting them one day face to face.  I know that size wise, they are still a small company and Howard tends to try to have his hands on everything, including being “active” on the internet and user groups.  I believe that this company will be going though some changes soon, and Howard will have to find a trusted employee that understands his feeling of customer service, as this company is getting to big (In sales and volume) for two guys to be doing so much.

We at BizNet Give them the WOW Award. And wish them the best in the years to come.

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