Brand New, And Broken!

See How This Company Handles a Disgruntled Customer!

Aeris SCUBA And Snorkeling Equipment

By Mike Lipshultz

The first company we are going to look at as an example of good customer service is Aeris a company that manufactures and distributes SCUBA and snorkeling equipment.  This company  had the unfortunate luck of manufacturing a Dive Computer that I personally bought.  And it malfunctioned on the first usage!

To say I was unhappy would be an understatement.  I had wanted a dive computer for a long time, and now I had one.  I was looking forward to the added ease of diving with a computer, and that dam thing did not work.

O.K., Iíll be honest, it had also been a tuff week and I was in a bad mood to begin with, but lets face it, companies have to deal with all types of customers. 

I called Aeris, and explained how unhappy I was etc., they gave me instructions for returning the item , etc.  Nothing outstanding here, but not bad service.

After I sent it to them I faxed them a letter.  On tracking the package to them, I found out that there was a problem with the shipment.

I sent it to the wrong address.  Now I canít say it was my fault or theirs, it was just one of those things.  I sent it to the address on/in the box and paperwork that came with the unit.  When I was on the phone with them, they did not tell me they had moved, and I did not ask for their address.

But this is where customer service comes into play.  When they discovered what happened, they contacted the shipper, and one of their employers picked the unit up on her lunch hour.  Now that is customer service!  Some companies would have simply told me, when it comes back to you please ship it to the right address.  But this company was not looking for a way-out.  They where looking for a way to help.

After they got the unit in, they FedExíed a new unit to me the next day.  That is what I call great customer service.  And because of it this company is now getting some nice free P.R. (no they did not know I was a writer).

For great customer service BizNet gives Aeris the WOW Award!

And if you are looking for a company to get dive stuff from, check out Aeris at http://www.diveaeris.com

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