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Avery Window Decals And T-Shirt Transfers

This month we look at two products from Avery Label Company.

The first one is Avery's Window Decals  (Avery Product Number 3276).

These window decals are easy to use.  Basically they are a clear plastic sheet, with a very mild adhesive on one side.

To print one, you just do your design on your favorite computer program, then just print it out using an Ink Jet printer onto one of the Avery sheets.

Depending on what side of the window you want the decal to be read from you may need to "flip" or "mirror" the image.

After printing it, you just trim the decal to shape, peel off the backing and stick it onto the window.

The adhesive does a good job of holding it in place, but is mild enough so that you can remove it with out any residue sticking to the window.

The next Avery Product is their T-Shirt Transfers (Avery Item # 03271).  The printing of these transfers is as easy as can be.  Just design what you want, then place a sheet in your Ink-Jet printer and print the design.  The only thing you must remember to do is to "flip" or "mirror" the image, so that when you transfer it to the T-Shirt (or any other cotton, light colored cloth) it comes out readable and "right side up.  The easy way to check it is just print a test image on plain paper.  Then hold it up to a mirror.  The image in the mirror should look right side up and be readable.

The transfers are very easy to use.  After printing you take the transfer and trim it to size.  Then place it face down on the material you want to transfer it to.  Then using a household iron, you just iron the transfer onto the material.  After it cools you peel off the backing, and bingo, you now have a custom made t-shirt or other item.

For best results and a longer life, turn the item inside out when washing.  Wash in cold water, hang to dry.

For more information on Avery products go to:

So why did BizNet pick these two products to talk about this month?  Easy, everyone is finding it hard to find a way to express their patriotism.  If they can even find a small flag, the price seems a little over priced (as in getting taken advantage of).  With that said, just pick up some decals, or transfers and print this:

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