Is It A Radar Dish? A Space Heater? A Bug Zapper? Modern Art?

No. It's A.....

It may look strange but it works great.  It is the HDTV60 from Terk Technology.  The HDTV60???? What is that?  It is one of the best TV antennas you can get.  It is even all set for high definition TV. 

Why would a business Magazine be looking at TV antennas?  We believe every office should have a TV in it.

Some businesses put a TV in the "waiting area".  Let me tell you it is a nice thought to give your customers the "comfort" of having a TV to entertain them.  But when was the last time you looked at the picture on that thing?

We have all seen those "Lobby" or "waiting room" TV's.  Sometimes they even have those stupid rabbit ears antenna on them.  In any event when was the last time you saw a "good" picture on one of these things?

Look Mr. or Ms. business owner, yes, it is nice that you are providing a TV for your customers to watch, but look at the picture on that thing.   Hey, it's not Christmas, what's with all the snow.!  OK it is October, but you don't really need the ghosts.  Stop making your customers suffer.  Get the HDTV60 and clear things up!

For offices that don't have that TV for customers, but as part of the office, you need a good antenna also.  Look, it is nice to have that TV around.  It helps to catch a break from long work hours, or to see a breaking news story.  Look I used the word see.  Some of you have such a bad antenna you can only hear one channel and watch another, but you can't get good sound and picture on both.  Get the HDTV60.

The HDTV60 is what would be called a low profile antenna so it is very unobtrusive on a rooftop.  For more information surf on over to:

When you see the picture of a TV connected to the HDTV60 it makes you go WOW, So we are giving it the WOW award.

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