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Suck It Up.
Or Is There A Place In The Office For A "Food Saver"

If you have a TV or even been in one of those "warehouse" super stores you have no doubt seen one or more of Talia, Inc.’s Food Vacuum products, commonly known as "Food-Saver" vacuum bag food sealers.  Yes we are a business publication, so why are we talking about a home food product?  Easy, because there is a place for it in the office.

Some uses are very easy to find.  Like saving food.  If you do events at the office where food is served now you don't need to be stuck with leftovers that are going to spoil and go to waste.  OK, we know that's not much of an office use.  How about these:

Packaging for Promotional products?

Yes, from protecting that stack of business cards or brochures, you carry around, to putting together a "shrink" wrapped package to send to your customers.  Think about it.  Have you ever gone to your supply of business cards or brochures only to find them damaged due to water, dust or other stuff?  With the "Food Saver" you can protect that supply of cards etc, and open up a fresh supply as needed.

Ever have to send out a sample item to a customer.  With this system, you can put everything together, on top of a sheet of cardboard, along with your business card and brochures and "Shrink Wrap" everything together.

Safety packaging?

This takes two forms.  First: In last month’s Emergency column we talked about how folks put used supplies back into the first ad kit.  If you vacuum seal the stuff, you will know the box was opened.

Second: The other "safety" packaging is created by not vacuum sealing.  If you take one of the bags and blow some air into it, then just seal it, you create a "pillow".  And you have instantly created the custom size packaging cushion you needed.

Hot and Cold Packs????

I know this sounds like a stretch, but once I tell you, it will seem obvious.  You basically fill the bag with water, and then you just freeze it or heat it (in hot water).  Have you ever seen those "gel" cold packs in the store?  Even small ones cost a few bucks.   To make custom sized ones all you need is water and salt.  Cut the bag to size.  Fill it half way with very salty water (by adding the right amount of salt you keep the water from freezing).  It still gets "freezing" cold, but stays soft. Then vacuum seal it.  For the cost of the bag and some salt, you get a custom made cold pack.

Hot pack???  Just take that "cold" pack and heat it in hot water.  You now have a hot pack.

So, check out the full line of products at:

Let us know what uses you come up with.

For being easy to use and very versatile we give Tilia the Winner Award.


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