The King Is Dead!

Long Live The King!!!!


The Chili Cook Off Is Alive!  It is now the HP ChiliFest.

  The king is dead, long live the king?????  What are we talking about?  Well, Comdex is right around the corner and if you have been looking to get tickets to the hottest event, you may have found you can't find anything on Micrografic's Chili Cook Off.


Why?  Because after 10 years of putting on the event, an event that helped fund The Center For Missing And Exploited Children and helped to revolutionize how missing children were located, the event is no more!


No More!  How?  Why?  You have got to be kidding!!!!!  How could they do this?   Do they realize how important this event was/is?  What about the Missing Kids!  Money is needed!  This event can't just fade away!  It's just plain wrong, not to have it.


Relax!  Like we said the King is dead, long live the King!


HP, a long time sponsor (as in giving major time and bucks to the event from day one) has stepped up and taken the event over!


The Chili Cook Off Is Alive!  It is now the HP ChiliFest.


If you think about it, it is only right that of all the companies out there that it was HP that stepped up to the plate and took over the event.  HP has been a major supporter of the event from day one.  In fact it could be said that HP's involvement was only second to Micrografic's, and a close second at that.  For information on HP's Chili For Children Foundation, check them out at: 


The Event Needs Your Help!

Unfortunately the word has not gotten out on the fact that HP has taken over the event and that it lives on.  If someone is lucky enough to find any information on the Web about the event, the link to it usually goes to the wrong part of HP's Web Site.  So don't go nuts trying to get the information.  We have it all for you.


(Taken right from the ChiliFest's Home Page At: 

Chili for Children
ChiliFest 2000

November 14, 2000


Mandalay Bay Hotel
Events Center,
Las Vegas

Ticket Price: $50


purchase tickets online


So, mark your Comdex Calendar, and buy your ticket NOW!  Also call your friends and business associates, let them know the event is alive, and if they are going to be at Comdex, this is "the" event to be at.


If you find information about the event out on the Web and the links are wrong, E-Mail the web master and tell them to put up the right links.  Give them the links from this story.


If you see a Comdex site that does not have any information on the event, E-Mail the Web master and tell them to put it up.  Ask them "why don't you have information on HP's ChiliFest on your site? Don't you want to help find missing kids?"


Everyone, please get the word out.  Hey, if HP can put their time and money into this, we can at least show our support.


Let's make this the best event yet!


So, stop reading this article and go buy your tickets! 


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For Information On The Center For Missing And Exploited Children: 


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Past Articles And Information On The Chili Cook Off:

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