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The Internet has finally come of age. Television on demand. For as a long as I can remember speaking with perspective businesses and business clients, I've been telling them that someday your 15 or 30 second television commercial will be available right at your web site on demand with the push of a button. Well, today is the day! Real Player from Real Networks has arrived! And it is so easy to use. With a push of a button, your 15 or 30-second television commercial starts on demand usually in less than 10 seconds. Unlike MPG or AVI files, which take up to 10 minutes to start for a 30-second television commercial, this product is extremely neat.  

Take A Look At A Sample Television Commercial That We Put Togather.
Dodge Durango

The free version of real player can be downloaded from their web site for you to test at

Developing your television commercial for the Internet is just as simple using Real Networks' Real Publisher. This is the fast, easy way to push your television commercial (class, radio show, or any other audio or video that you can think of) onto the Internet in just minutes. It takes a little bit of time to learn to use the software, but it is so uncomplicated that almost anyone with any Windows 95 experience can do it! Here's a little tip, as you build your video clip be sure to upload to your server, and then bring it down and edit as you would any other Web page. This will allow you to actually have your video online and tested prior to editing and to be sure that it works correctly.

As time goes on, developing audio or video clips becomes fast and simple adding a totally new dimension to your web site, as well as keeping those important prospective clients in your web site for a much longer time, " the longer they stay in your site, the more they will buy".

Using the Real Server software from Real Networks takes you to the next level, allowing you to use simultaneous streams of video or audio to the point of live broadcasts. Live broadcast on demand is where the Internet is going, imagine the possibilities! And boy is it about time.

The wave of the future is here. I have been waiting for this since I started in this industry in 1990. And it is time to catch the wave. If you're not setup and using real networks software, you’re losing money.

  As for the products by Real Networks, BizNet OnLine Magazine gives them our WOW! Award. We think that this product is outstanding; a must buy for anyone with a web site, it can only help your web site business.

At BizNet OnLine Magazine we think a good slogan for Real Networks is "if you build it, they will stay". So why aren't you using it?

Technical support:

As technical support goes, Real Networks is outstanding; their top-of-the-line staff is online with you in under three minutes with all the answers you need (without putting you on hold) in usually less than five minutes. The support staff is extremely patient and helpful, helping you walk through each step of your problem. We at BizNet OnLine Magazine give Real Networks technical support our highest five Star rating.

Visit their web site for you to test at

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