Tina, I loved you then, I love you now!
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By: Mike Lipshultz

Tina, I loved you then, I love you now!

BizNet Online Magazine takes an updated look at TINA, by Datacom.

The last time we reviewed TINA was about one year ago. As you may recall, TINA is a stand alone answering "system". The reason I am using the term "system" is the fact that there is not much that this little device won’t do.

TINA can do all of the following and more:

So why do I like TINA so much? After all, there are no shortage of Voice Mail Systems that can do all of this and more? The reason I like the TINA system is value. For a list price of just over $200.00 per a one-line unit, she is hard to beat. Additionally, unlike a lot of options for handling your calls, TINA is a stand-alone. No need to connect her to a computer, or to even have a computer to use her.

Over the last year, Datcom has again improved it’s manual, and they have also improved the function of the unit. TINA is now easier to program. Also the interface with the connected phone is better. Last year you had to dial 9 to get connected to a dial tone. Now you just pick up the connected phone. For more information point you browser over to http://www.dcint.com/ or check out the last article we did about the Tina.

Area Codes, Area Codes, What’s Going On.

The Truth About Overlays

A lot of people are getting tired of new area codes, and the splitting of areas that go along with it. After all you can suddenly find yourself in need of new business cards, letterhead, anything and everything, that has your telephone number printed on it, just because the bureaucrats changed your area code.

So a lot of people are calling for the use of overlays instead. In an overly system instead of splitting the area into two, all new numbers in that area just get the new area code number. Sounds so easy. But here is the catch. As you are now living in an area with two area codes instead of one. You have to dial the area code of every number you call. Yes, even the same area code numbers as your area code. Even if you’re calling you neighbor. Every call you make must be the 1 plus area code, then the number. You have no choice. Now think about all the auto dialers out there. Every computer, auto dial phone, anything that can be programmed to dial out. They all have to be reprogrammed to dial the area code with every call. So you see. An overlay system is not much better. For more information : http://www.nanpa.com/

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