Bend Over And Spread Them!
Do We Really Need This Much Airline Security!

Sit back and Iíll tell you a tale of my adventures though security at  the airport in Las Vegas (I was taking a 45 minute flight to Los Angeles).

Look, I know that the anniversary of September 11th is coming up but really!  I was poked and prodded to no end.

I showed up E-ticket in hand, along with one small check-in bag and a small carry on brief case.  I brought my drivers license and nine year old passport with me for ID.

I had to go though the first check in line.  Answer questions about who packed my bags etc. 
I then had to stand by the scanning machine as an airline employee walked my bag to the examination area.  My bag was put though this big-as-a- car machine.  It was then opened and searched.

My lap top computer that I packed into my checked bag was examined.  Both it and my shoes were tested for explosives, etc.

I was then asked more questions about my bag and belongings etc.

I was then told that my bag was being checked in for the flight and I was to proceed to the gate and the rest of the screening.

I then had to have my carry on brief case searched and x-rayed.  Empty my pockets and go though a detector.  And then get one of those hand detectors moved over me.

I was then free to go to the gate and wait to board my flight.

Then boarding time.  Everyone was asked to have their ticket, boarding pass, and ID out.  I had it all.  For ID both my passport and Drivers License.

The gate agent asked me to stand to the side.  I then had to empty my pockets, have the brief case searched (again), take my shoes off and have them inspected, remove my belt, get one of those hand wands moved over me, and lastly I was patted down from head to foot.

Oh, this was not just lucky me.  A large number of fellow flyers got the same; both young and old; even some older woman with a cane.

Gee, Thanks for flying today, and bending over and speeding them!

Now lets get real.  I am not joking or exaggerating on the above.  So, do we really need all of this B.S. just for a 45-minute flight?

Yes!  And to anyone that went though what I did or more, and is complaining about it... Shut Up... We should have been doing this years ago.  I still believe we should have the same-armed security they do at most over seaís airports.

We are also still too relaxed about folks putting down a bag, and walking away from it.  Boy, try that in London.  You will find that in just five minutes your bag was taken and blown up.

The world is not a nice place; and airports have always been an easy and attractive target.  Hey folks, no more.  Time for the US to wake up, and follow the rest of the world when it comes to Air travel.

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