Planes, Trains, And Automobiles... Itís Fun To Book A Flight Online!

The other day I discovered something to do if you are bored and want to see how stupid a computer can be for booking an airline flight online.

It started with the need to fly from Las Vegas to Los Angeles.  Now, in looking not only for the best deal, and the most available flights I checked out such sites as Orbitz, and others.

I punched in the info, like where I was going from, and where I was going to, etc.

It found what I would have expected, and what I did not expect.

The expected:

Flights from $70.00 and one-hour flight time non-stop direct, to $100.00 and three hour flights with a stop or two.

The unexpected:

I kid you not I found one flight for about $800.00 and taking 4 days to go the 300 miles by jet aircraft into Los Angeles.

Who wrote the programming for the search engine these sites use???  Who in their right mind would pay $800.00 and take 4 days for a $75.00 one-hour flight!

So, next time you are feeling a little silly, and have time to waste, check out an online flight.  See how much time and money you can waste taking a short trip.

Oh, just for the record, I found my best deal at Southwestís web site.  I had to search it more than once.  The flight I found did not come up the first two times I searched.

If this online thing seems like a hit and miss kind of thing, then you are not alone.  Just call your travel agent and let them do the work for you.

I will say that I got my E-Ticket and had no problems at all.  And having a pre-paid E-Ticket did make the checking in a little easier.

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