Hanging Up On Banking......
Hello for 8-2002
By: Mike Lipshultz

So much for using your cell phone or PDA for doing your banking.  After trying to offer the service to their clients, both Washington Mutual and Bank Of America, among others are pulling the plug on wireless banking.  Simply put not enough folks made use of the service for the banks.

Also getting hung up on may be 3G wireless.  3G stands for 3rd generation.  It was going to be lots of bells and whistles etc.  BlueTooth enabled and more.  Using your cell phone for lots of stuff.  But it looks like 3G may be DOA.  If 3G is such a great thing, why is it on its death bed?  Simply put, more and more cell providers are getting killed by the infrastructure cost and are looking at walking away from the idea of 3G.

Cingular is looking to cut some losses by giving the Axe to about 3,000 employees.  At least the company has a new marketing gimmick that looks to be more then just a gimmick (see story this month “ Just Shut Up, And Roll It Over!”.

And when the pilot tells you to “turn your cell phones off”, what do you do?  You turn them off.  Hey, it is federal law.  You cannot legally use a cell phone in US air space, on an airplane.  Not even if you are playing games on it or just checking your e-mail.

But if you must play those games, look for phones to come out where the cell phone part is turned off, but the game part is still on.  And if you must check that e-mail, you will need to use a wireless PDA to keep inside the law

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