Just Shut Up, And Roll It Over!

Is Your Cell Provider Going To Roll Over For You?

It seems like someone in the Cellular industry is always coming up with a plan to get you to use their service, vs. the other guy.

Some ideas are total B.S., like the “Pure Digital” marketing gimmick of Sprint.  But other ideas not only reflect something of real value, they start a fight among the cell providers to start matching the offer.

I believe that Cingular has a great idea on their hands.  They will now let some of their users roll over unused minutes from month to month.  So, it is no longer a use it or lose it for their account holders.

At this time the roll over offer is only being given to subscribers that are paying at least $49.99 per month and have a 2-year plan.  On the down side Cingular has cut the number of minutes they are giving.  For example, their 250-minute plan has been cut to 150.

I have no doubt that things will start to heat up for the other players, as they lose business over this.

I will be surprised if in a short time we do not see similar offers from AT&T, Sprint, Verizion, and the other big players.

If this sounds like something you would like your provider to offer, then talk to your customer service rep.  Let them know that if they don’t roll over, they may just lose you!


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