Does This Company Care About The Tactics Of Its Employee’s?

BizNet  OnLine Magazine has started to make personal appearances in the Los Angeles County area of California.  We have a booth at some of the local computer fairs.   The booths are manned by editorial staff and/or businesses that belong to our NetWork Connection section.

At the Fairs we are available to answer questions from the general public.  Members of NetWork Connection, once approved, are able to work the booth also.  They are there to answer questions in their area of expertise, at no charge, for the general public.

In exchange, approved members get to have their marketing materials displayed in an area marked
”Preferred Vendors”.

Now a strange thing is starting to happen.

At the Pomona show a few weeks ago we had a guy “slip” his business cards into the “Preferred Vendors” area.  Now we don’t know how long the stuff was there before we discovered it and pulled it.

On calling the guy to find out why??? His response was ” It looked like a great way to market my business and make money”.  When I asked why he did not just look into finding out how to do it the right way he stated, “Oh, I just wanted to profit from it. I did not want to pay for it”.

Personally I think this makes the guy scum.  With rationale like that he would never become a “Preferred Vender”.

Now this guy was an independent sales rep for Prepaid Legal Services.  On contacting the company and explaining the distasteful actions of their rep, I wanted to know what they planned on doing about it.

To date, (about two weeks) I have had no response.  I will be E-Mailing them a copy of this article, for their response.

I will be looking to see what their response in general is, and what actions if any they are going to take against a representative of their company doing something like that.

We will keep you posted.

Personally, if I found out someone representing my company pulled a trick like that, I would sever relations with them so fast that their head would be spinning for a week.


Because that tells me the person is either stupid, or has very questionable business ethics.  In any event I don’t want someone like that representing my company.

In fact, I can’t see any company wanting that person, unless they are as questionable as he is.  You know, business and marketing at any cost.  Tag’em, and Bag’em, forget ethics make a sale and get the bucks!

Time will tell about how this story ends.  Like I said we will keep you updated.

In the meantime I’m going digging.  Maybe we need to look into this company and get the word out????

I think I’ll start with the Better Business Bureau I’ll let you know what I find.

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