Donít Mess With BizNet !
If We Donít Like You We Donít Play Nice.

Here at BizNet Online Magazine we have an editorial staff with a lot of knowledge in a lot of areas, so we are not an easy target for anyone.

Some of the backgrounds over here include:

In short we know our stuff.  We know the limits of what we can and cannot do.  We know how to document accusations we make, and how to back up whatís in the stories we report.

Over the years we have gotten a few letters from those big nasty attorneys, demanding that we apologize and retract articles.  We have never complied.

In fact, we just have one of our editors with the appropriate background tell them, No! We stick by the story, and here is the proof.  We have never gotten a second letter.

If needed, we know how to stand tough.  We know how to run a good defense, and a great offence.  We know how to run the plan and corner our opponent.

We can and will do everything we need to do to win.

If you try to play a game on us, look out.  We will be coming after you.  If needed, we will obtain so much background on you, that we will know more about you than you do.

So why this nasty attitude?

We have had some recent problems with folks falsely claiming to be endorsed by BizNet.  We donít like that and we donít like folks that do that.  We donít make nice to folks we donít like.

It is now the hard and fast policy of this magazine to pursue anyone who falsely claims any association with this magazine to the full extant of the law.

Does this sound hard?  I little bit of an over reaction?

You tell me.  The folks doing it are doing it in the hopes it will help them talk you into doing business with them.

How do you feel about business folks that deceive you to get your money?

Should we let bygones be bygones?  Forgive and forget?  Or go after the SOBís.  Let us know what you think.

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