Report On The Great Gas Protest

After BizNet started the great gas protest, within 30 days, gas prices came back down.

Here in Los Angeles, gas prices at the local Arco stations dropped in 30 days from $2.01 per galleon to $1.64 per gallon.

Was it a sudden surge in gas supply?  Or something else?  Like a gas protest, that started with Arco.

As you may recall the gas protest started in alphabetical order.  With Arco going first.

So, I find it interesting that Arco was the first to start dropping gas prices and is still leading the way.

I canít prove it was the gas protest, but I can tell you two things for sure.  If prices go back up, the protest will start again.  And protest or not, my wallet is happy that prices are coming back down.

I hated paying $2.00 a gallon in Los Angeles, when gas in the Mohave desert was going for $0.20 less!

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