Here Is A Better Deal
And You Can Help The Environment Too!

Hey Mr. T, Check this out.  1-800-COLLECT charges $2.99 for a one minute collect call from Los Angeles to New York and 1-800-Call ATT charges $5.00!

1-800-IM4-DOWL charges only $2.10  for the same call.  No wonder Carrot Top's Head is turning RED!

I pity the fool, that can’t see the better deal!

1-800-IM4-DOWL?  What is that?

It’s simple.  There is a lot of competition out there for those telephone dollars.  Some companies have found an opportunity by offering Collect calls at prices lower than the big guys like AT&T, MCI, Etc.. These companies also have discovered that by sharing the income with a charity, they can get the word out on using their services.

So, now we have 1-800-IM4-DOWL. .  This is a toll free number to call when making a collect call.  The charges once again are lower then those big guys charge, and a part of every dolor goes to the non-profit group DOWL.

Who is DOWL?  DOWL is a California non-profit group that works to keep the Colorado River clean and open to all users.  BizNet has been a supporter of this group from day one. 

So, check out their web site at www.dowl.org, and tell folks to forget 1-800-Call ATT or 1-800 Collect.  Tell them to do the right thing.  Save money and help the environment.  Remember 1-800-IM4-DOWL.

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