The new Fujifilm CD Labeler is beyond cool, Itís really neat!

At BizNet, we have been looking for a reasonably priced, fast color CD printer to test for 3 years, we found a really good one for you!

Fujifilm CD Labeler is not only fast and easy to setup, but it cranks out beautiful color printed CD for a fraction of the cost of sending them out to be done. Now you can make beautiful presentation quality CDs in about a minute! Only a minute you say? Yes, from the start of the CD design to the finished product only takes about a minute! With 1200  x 1200 dpi print resolution available on the printer (We only printed a few at this high resolution.), we were truly impressed; they were absolutely prefect.

If you know us at BizNet we donít go away without torturing a product and the Fujifilm CD Labeler passed with flying colors and we do mean colors! For our test we contacted one of the non-profit organizations that we support, in this case it was DOWL (Defenders Of The Wild Life); they help clean up the Colorado River, we asked them if they needed any promotional CDs, and they did need some media presentation CDs to help raise donations for their cause, so we offered to make them.

We called Fujifilm tech support and told them that we were going to print over 200 full color CDs, and asked if the printer cartridge could handle the job? The answer was it's going to be close, but we think the printer cartridge can handle it, and we knew the printer could!

So away we went printing 200+ CDs for DOWL, and print it did - 204 CDs on 1 printer cartridge. We did some other stuff and they still look great! And you will never guess how much each fully colored CD cost us to make? $ .84 compared to sending them out to be printed for $3 to $4 each.

We at BizNet think that Fujifilm CD Labeler and it's outstanding CD Creator Software are so great that these products get the BizNet WOW Award. ďIf you donít have one in your office get one.Ē

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