Why Do Most Business People Hate Those Multi-Level Marketing Folks...
Or Please Don't Kill The Amway Rep... 
Just Because He Thinks Your Business Is Crap And He Is Your Savior.........
So what more can I say?

Look I don't have anything against Amway (or any other company that sells good products or provides good services) they make some really good products.  I just wish that their focus was centered on selling their goods and services, and not recruiting new representatives with an effort that at a minimum is equal to the effort that they put into selling their stuff.

We have all had the unfortunate experience of being the target of such a person and such an approach.  In the same breath they use to tell you about what they sell, they tell you to jump on board and make money with them.  They then take several more breaths to go on and on, about how you should stop (as in abandon, give up, or forget about) what ever you are doing for a living and join them.

Hey, I am not saying a person can't make a living selling this stuff.  What I am saying is don't shove it down anyone's throat.  It is insulting to them, especially when you really know nothing about how they make their living or how nice of a living they do or do not make.

I was at a business NetWorking meeting when one of these folks started in on me.  "You need to stop what you’re doing and make some real money!"...  My response was simple " I don't need to be involved in anything else; I am happy with what I do and the living I make".  The response I got was " But you're at a NetWorking Event looking for customers, so you must be having problems".  I simply said " you're at the same event so your stuff must be as shitty as mine", I then walked away, with this person in hot pursuit…the whole time going on and on about how great their stuff is and how it can add so much to my life.

Look, First off, NEVER NEVER go telling someone what to do with their life or business when you don't know them.  It is dangerous enough to do when you do know them.

When you are in a room of business people and you start in with this join up stuff, it and you are about as welcome as someone walking into the Vatican and telling the Pope he should stop wasting his time with this "Catholic" stuff and get on board with a religion that can really take him places.

In other words, when a Multi-Level Marketing person starts with their join me talk, they look like a stupid insulting asshole.

Now if you’re one of those Multi-Level folks and you’re reading this, and your response is "I don't preach it, I don't cram it down their throat I just let the people know about a really good opportunity"...

Then I would have to agree, you’re not being a " stupid insulting asshole," you’re just being rude and insensitive!

And when you make a first impression like that, do you think anyone is going to give you a second chance?

So do us all a favor.  In NetWorking or when you’re at a Mixer, just stick to selling your goods or services.  DON'T START TELLING US ALL HOW TO WE SHOULD BE RUNNING OUR LIVES (That's what our spouses, mothers, etc... are for).

Post Script:

            As I was writing this I got a call from a woman representing one of those prepaid legal services.  She said she was calling about my web site.

I asked her you mean the one at "www.BizNet4u.com".  She responded "yes", and proceeded to tell me that I should take this opportunity to learn how through her I could remove all that stuff on my web site and replace it with a professional presentation on prepaid legal services, and make "an affiliate income" and I could continue to make money from every "affiliate" I signed up...  I stopped her at that point and asked "so this is basically one of those Multi Level things?”  She responded with "oh, no.  We would never waste your time on one of those things.  This is a real opportunity to make some real money as an affiliate and not have to do that BizNet thing anymore".

            I told her she was a rude moron and that she was being a #$^@# for wasting my time.  I told her I knew she never looked at my web site and had no idea about what I do.  That she was clueless about the living I make. With knowing nothing about me she was telling me to stop wasting my time with BizNet, etc., and sign up with her.  I informed her that there is no web site at www.bizNet4u.com, so she looked at nothing.  I ended by saying "if it looks like a duck and walks likes a duck, it is a duck.  As I'm not a quack I have no interest in her, her company or her lies.

            And they say that Multi-Level folks don't understand that we don't like them....

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