What should you have in your office First Aid kit?

            The majority of small business First aid kits that I have seen look like they were used as a target in the Gulf War.  It is usually rusted and  has a puddle of eyewash on the bottom tray.  When you get a bandage out of the kit, besides the fact that the thing you wanted is wet, you can only find the wrapper for the bandage.  This is because the last person who wanted that bandage used the bandage and threw the wrapper back inside because the trash can directly underneath the kit was to far to reach. 

            Does this scenario sound familiar?  To solve this problem I have created a list of first aid kit contents for a company with 25 people.  I would suggest that one person in the company be designated as to fill the kit every month.  This immediately will make for better first aid practices as well as a potential reduction in liability.  All kits should be assembled in a clean cabinet, case, or a bag.

Item      Quantity
Cabinet or bag 1
Strip bandage 3\4 inc X 3 inch 32
Gauze pad 8
Antiseptic swipes 30
Roller bandage 2inch 2
Oval eye pads  5
Box of Tylenol packets 1
Box of Aspirin packets 1
Box of Alka-seltzer packets 1
Box of Advil Packets 1
Gloves (latex or synthetic) 10
Triangle bandage 2
First aid tape 1\2 inch 1
Tube first aid cream 1
Small cold pack 2
Scissors 1
Tweezers     1
Refill checklist  1
First aid basic guide 1

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