Bubble, Bubble, Toil, And Trouble...

Not If You Have This Nifty Bubble Machine....

Or, How To Get Attention For Your Business.


There is no arguing it.  Whether you are young or old, there is just something "magical" about bubbles. I guess that is why everyone is "drawn" to them. 


When it comes to business, especially "trade" show events (or other "expo" type displays) a lot of companies spare no expense to "Draw" people to their booth.  Now even the small guy on a budget can draw in the crowds.  All it takes is less then 40.00 bucks for the V-9903 Mini Bubbler from Visual Effects Inc.,  http://www.visualeffectsinc.com/index.html .


What is a "Bubbler"? It is a bubble machine.  It simply blows lots and lots of bubbles (like on the Laurence Welk show, for us old folks).  Now, there are two very important things that set the V-9903 Mini Bubbler apart from all the other bubblers in the world.  It's small size and the fact that it is battery operated.


It's small size means it puts out less bubbles than it's bigger brethren.  In this case that is a good thing.  On a trade show floor, a bigger bubbler would be overkill.  The Mini Bubbler puts out just enough to give a good steady stream of bubbles.  Indoors, you can set it up to give a steady steam of bubbles going up to the ceiling.  As it is battery operated you can use it outdoors, where the bubbles will blow all over the place.


In any event the results are the same.  Everyone seeing the bubbles simply has to find the source.  They can't help it.  They are drawn to the bubbles like a moth to a flame.


Not a bad deal for you.. All those folks coming straight into your booth.


O.K. is all this for real or am I just making up the effects bubbles have on folks.  No, it is for real.  I set this thing up at two shows.  One indoors and one outdoors.  Everyone loved it.  In fact at both shows other vendors were dying to know were they could get one.  If I wanted to I could have sold it on the spot.  One person offered me $70.00 for it.


Not bad!  The V-9903 Mini Bubbler also comes with a quart of "Bubble Juice" and an AC adapter.


Bubble Juice???  That's the name the industry uses for the "soapy" liquid you put into the bubbler to make the bubbles.  Now it is true that the unit will work with the regular bubble stuff you can get at your local toy store.  I did play with using the unit with bubble stuff I got at the toy store and using the "juice”.  The bubbles were in fact better with the Juice.  The unit was able to make a heavier stream of bubbles and the bubbles seemed "stronger" (it took them longer to pop).


Now Visual Effects Inc., http://www.visualeffectsinc.com/index.html  has this unit custom made for them, so they are the manufacturer of the unit.  If you’re looking to buy a load of them, or are looking to distribute the unit they are the folks to talk to.


If you’re looking to get one or two of the units for your own use, check out their distributor  Theater Effects at http://www.theatrefx.com/cybershop/main.html .


You can also get a complete list of distributors at: http://www.visualeffectsinc.com/VEI/Distr_LocationSet.html


Because the V-9903 Mini Bubbler makes folks go WOW, we just had to give it the WOW Award!



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