Are Your two eyes, two ears, and mouth connected
To Your CPU?
By: Susan Young
Staff Writer

Use Your God Given Senses.
God gave you two eyes, two ears, and a mouth, so use them!

How many of you reading this article want to have money? Safe to say everybody wants to have money. It is also safe to say that most of us would like to win the lottery or inherit the money, but that’s not likely to happen; so, we work for it. No matter what business you are in or what "profession", the goal behind the time you spend "working" is to make money.

No matter the "work" you do to make that money, it is always easier if you use your god given senses. Now I don’t mean that thing we call "Common" sense, but your senses, as in your eyes, ears, and mouth. You know, the sense of sight, sound and the ability to use speech. If you dig ditches for a living you use your sense of sight to see that when you empty the shovel full of dirt, you do it empty it out of the ditch, not in it. After all, why work harder than you have to in order to make money?

Why is it that so many business people seem to have lost the use of their eyes, and ears, along with their mouth, to ask questions?

I see stores full of sales people just standing around waiting for a customer to come over to them to buy something. These store clerks believe they are not working any harder then they have to. In reality they are working much harder then they have to.

I see business people at trade shows and meetings. Taking it easy. Not doing anymore then they have to. Just as above, they think they’re not working harder than they have to. But they’re wrong. They are all making more work for themselves.

Let me explain. Now remember we all work to get money. Don’t confuse this with killing time at the office and collecting a paycheck. If you’re not doing the best job that you can (that is, making the most out of every opportunity) than you’re not going to make as much money every day that you can. The end result is that you are going to have to work longer to get to the point where you have all the money that you want.

So please, if you’re going to be lazy, then be smart. Don’t work harder by having to work longer. Work smart and, use your senses to make the most money with each given day. Listen for the opportunity. Look for the opportunity, and ask questions to find it.

When you’re looking for prospective clients, ask questions. By finding out about people, you can find out if they need your goods or services. Listen when people talk. You may just hear them offer you an opportunity. If your not sure of what was said, use your mouth to back up your ears, and ask a question or two.

Lets look at those sales clerks again. Instead of just standing around, if they use their eyes, they would see a customer looking though a stack of shirts trying to find the right size. Do you think the sales person would make a sale if they stated to the customer " I would be happy to locate the shirt you’re looking for". Get the Idea. Now, they have a customer and one sale. What would happen if they would say, "If you like that style of clothing, may recommend that you look at the jackets we have on sale?". Now they have made two sales. They look better to their boss, get a promotion, more pay, and bingo, they don’t have to work as long, to make that money.

Let’s look at that trade show person again. Instead of sitting at his table waiting for the opportunity to come to him, what if he went to it? If traffic at the show was slow, he could talk to the other business people at the show. By using his mouth and ears he could ask questions about the other participating businesses and possibly discover the need for his services. Now, I do not mean just walking up and saying "Hi, I’m Joe, with Joe’s Moving, Need a mover?". I mean taking the time to really inquire about the other person’s business. Ask what they do. Ask what is special about their company. Ask if they use outside suppliers, etc. If they use someone in your profession, ask if you can talk to them about the services that they are paying for, as you believe your company can provide the better service at the same or reduced cost. Starting to get the idea? Here is more food for thought. If you’re at a business event, look at the name tags people are wearing. You will note some people put just their name on the badge.

Others will put down their name and company name. In either event, make use of those name tags. Address the other person by name. Try something like, "Hi, Tom, I’m Jim. What is it your company does?" Note that we asked what his company does, not what they do. Now we get to listen about their company, and listen for a possible opportunity to market our company.

Get It?

Great, now get out there and put your face to work.

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