The Brits Get It But Why Don't We....
Hello for 8-2002
By: Mike Lipshultz

In this country we keep talking about, and passing laws in reference to talking on a cell phone and driving at the same time.  Why?  We already have the proper laws to handle it.  The British get it.  In fact they are getting tougher in the right way.

I quote from a story by AP  "...Britain has proposed increasing the maximum penalty for drivers who kill with their cars to 14 years, up from 10 years. Distracted drivers could receive an immediate $90 fine and penalty points on their licenses for "driving without proper control of the vehicle." Motorists who get more than 12 points in three years lose their licenses..."

Cell phones are just another distraction to some drivers.  So letís deal with what it really is.  Letís just nail those drivers that are driving like sh*t...  I mean really bad.  You get the point.  Hopefully our lawmakers will.

Last month we talked about a local company and their saga to get better cell phone coverage; A copy of the story was sent to the PR departments of those cell phone companies.  It was hoped a response would have come by now.  But it has not.

Strange, this tow Boat Company can seem to get credit accounts all over town for thousands of dollars but the local cell phone folks say the company has no credit and will not lend them a demo phone.  Is it because the cell service of those companies in question suck??  Without the cooperation of those companies, we may never know.

More on this next month.

A New Scam In Japan.

Telemarketers in Japan got caught playing a new marketing Scam.  They called hundreds of thousands of phones.  Let them ring once, then hug up.  Folks would see the "missed" call and using caller I.D., called the company back, only to hear a recorded sales pitch.  But now the consumer paid for the call.  The telemarketer in question, called so many numbers, it jammed the phone lines for hours.

I hate to say it, but some low life will try it in the U.S.
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