Selling 101
Donít Insult Your Customers!

Hey, you, ya, you, pig face, want to buy stuff from me.... If you are not so clumsy, that you can walk over here and not fall down...

Not the best sales pitch I have ever heard.  Think no one would use it?  I donít know.  I have seen sales people insult customers before.

At a recent trade show I walked up to a guy showing some very nice, high-end computer cases.  Before I could say a thing, the sales representative walks up and states, ď These are very nice cases.  Not the cheap junk you normally buy.  So if you donít have some money, or your cheap, you should not waste my timeĒ.

I heard, that I was cheap, that his time was more important then mine, and so on.   So, I just thought, I donít know what his problem is, but Iím not buying from him.

I also had a customer that was looking to buy some goods from a sales person.  The meeting was going very good, until, the sales person insulted him.  Now the buyer was an ex-service person.  He is very proud of his military career and having served his country.  This is no secret.  The sales person knew of this.  The meeting was taking place just days after China seized the U.S. Spy Plane and was holding the crew prisoner.   The client asked, ďare these goods made in China?Ē

The Sales guy opens his big mouth, and states...  ďThis isnít some stupid ďbuy U.S.Ē thing is it?

That meeting came to a slamming end.

Look, one of the first things in sales is never insult your customer!  If in doubt about what would insult them, Keep You Mouth Shut!

The best way to close a sale is to be quiet and listen to your customer.  The best way to lose a sale is to keep talking til you say the wrong thing.

Now in some cases, saying the wrong thing is easy.  Most of the time you donít know much about your customers, or what they will take offense to.  So, again, listen to your customer.  Respond to their questions and concerns.

Remember, when someone buys something, they buy it for their reasons.  Not your reasons.  They buy it to meet their needs, not the needs you think it services.  And the best way to find out what ďtheirĒ needs and reasons are?  Listen to them!

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