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In this issue of BizNet we talk about how some cell phones can go off accidentally and then let everyone hear what is going on in the room.

In past issues we have discussed the fact that some folks just don’t know when not to use their phone.

Now from a company called Image Sensing Systems comes a new piece of equipment to simply block cell phone usage.

It seems a while back King Abdullah the king of Jordan called Sensing Systems to complain about cell phones ringing in mosques while he prayed.   He had heard of this company and believed they could come up with a fix.

Within two weeks, the company had a working prototype for King Abdullah. Word got out about this product. This week, Image Sensing Systems said it had taken orders to ship about 5,000 of these devices to customers around the world.

But not in the U.S.  It seems that it is unlawful in this country to block cell phones because they are really radios, and that would mean using a radio jamming device.  In fact The Federal Communications Commission has made cell phone jamming punishable by an $11,000-per-day fine.

So other companies are looking at other ways to do it.  Without actually “Jamming” the phones.

Mary Beth Griffin, vice president of North Carolina-based BlueLinx, (which is creating a device that would automatically turn off the ringers of cell phones) states they expect to sell about a million of its devices once they are released. At least two movie chains, plus many theaters where live plays are presented, are among those clamoring for orders

Another company Zetron (based out of Redmond, Wash.) is celebrating the fourth anniversary of the introduction of a device that detects cell phones within 100 feet and can be programmed to alert officials or trigger a recorded message requesting that the owner leave the phone outside. Business for the device is picking up, a company spokesman said.

And even with that giant fine for doing it, A NetLine executive Gil Israeli said the United States remains one of the company’s strongest markets. Even though this company’s product does in fact “Jam” signals and is definitely in violation of the U.S. Law. The company’s list of U.S. clients includes a major entertainment company, a recording studio in New Jersey and one state’s House of Representatives, he claims.

So, I guess stupid folks that don’t know when to turn off those cell phones are good for something.  After all, look at all the business they are creating.

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